Consenting Adults: Review – The Truth About Sex, Volume II: Sex for Grown-Ups.

What if you could learn to let go of all the guilt, fears and shackles? What if you could be educated (or re-educated) in being able to have and enjoy the sex lives and relationship you deserve? A new book aims to do just that and get us talking about sex as much as 50 Shades Of Grey did and in turn break down barriers.

From the beginning of The Truth About Sex Volume 2: Sex for grown ups, Dr. Gloria Brame sets out to challenge our current ideas and maybe even fears we have about sex by giving us the opportunity to start a new sexual paradigm by getting back to basics and stripping things back to three simple rules. This allows the reader, in essence, to start again and gives permission to embrace their true sexual selves without fear or shame. These rules then become the basis for the book with each one expanded on using Dr. Gloria’s wealth of experience in the field, citing case studies, facts and research, she presents all this in a way – not so much to normalise – but instead embrace the whole diverse world of human relationships and sexuality.

This book, will challenge you to consider your sex life beyond the monogamous, 1 night a month, missionary sex or it might help you reaffirm such a relationship because that is exactly the point of Gloria’s book – allowing Consenting Adults the freedom to choose exactly what type of good relationship and sex lives they want, beyond the pyschological shackles. Not only does Sex For Grown Ups ask you how you think about sex and if it marries up with where you are at, it makes you consider where you would like to be.

One of the ways Gloria does this is by presenting a whole smorgasbord board of relationship and sexual variations – some you may not of even heard of or considered – allowing you the freedom to look deep inside yourself and ask yourself the hardest questions in order to achieve the happiness you deserve. From monogamy, open relationships, polyamory, polygamy, bdsm, to masturbation, sex, fetishes, and bisexuality, gay, lesbian as well as transgender and dealing with sex and disabilities this is just a small selection of a whole range of subjects covered, and Dr. Brame truely does cover it all.

I’ve often wondered if part of societies problem in talking about sex is partly due to the fact that we live in a time when we like to consider ourselves and others as all knowing, flawed and in talking about it we are in some way worried about exposing our fallibilities in the subject. In addressing this in some way, Dr. Gloria offers up that even though with her experience, research and experienced insight into this subject she is quite happy on occasion to admit, like we all should, that sex is a subject we’re never finished with, even stating “In my opinion, nothing authentic in the study of sex can or should be set in stone.” this not only allows us to let go of our fears and fallibities but in turn should allow us to open, question and debate sex and relationships.

What I like about Dr. Brames book is that she deals with relationships and the sex that can, could and should happen within them in a refreshingly honest, open and overall positive way. She gives you permission to throw off all those fears, dark places and shackles we all have inside in relation to relationships and sex by offering us a unabashed completely unashamed view, look at the world of sex, no ifs, no buts or sense of guilt, something which makes a refreshing change in the world of sex guides.

Whether you are looking for affirmation in your current situation, that goes against society; dealing with an inner struggle or looking for a fresh avenue to sexual and relationship happiness if you are willing to put the work in and allow yourself to become self aware. In fact, whether you are a member of the public or a professional person working in any area of the sex industry everyone has something to gain from the wealth of experience, intuition and insight Dr Gloria Brame shares in her book The Truth About Sex Volume 2: Sex for grown ups.

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